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groovie ghoulies, groovie ghoulies arklar, groovie ghoulies ark szleri
1., spaceships watching over me350
2.and i dont wanna be like that477
3.are you passionate391
4.bring her back306
5.bye bye brain445
6.carly simon621
8.criswell predicts380
9.dancing late at night453
10.daughter of frankenstein338
11.devil town601
12.doin fine701
13.dont make me kill you again477
14.evading the greys458
15.free bird679
16.fun in the dark338
17.ghoulie family357
18.ghoulies are go376
20.graveyard girlfriend479
21.hair of gold and skin of blue368
22.happy birthday1002
23.hard nights day699
24.have your way with me358
25.hello again394
26.hello hello4621
27.if you need me342
28.island of pogo pogo478
29.ivy says369
30.id rather be alone than be with you488
31.kick ass439
32.leprechaun rock659
33.lets do it again565
34.lets go to the moon558
35.lonely heart blues414
36.mess me up428
38.punk pt ii334
39.satisfy me425
40.school is in285
41.school is out428
42.she gets all the girls503
43.shes got a brain scrambling device548
44.shes my vampire girl516
45.singing the blues376
46.someone is always not happy368
47.stick it out431
48.thats that861
49.the bay bridge club390
50.the girl is an unsolved mystery338
51.the highwayman869
52.the spell is on340
53.to go home357
54.tunnel of love525
55.when the kids go go go crazy412
56.zombie crush445
57.til death do us party488
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