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toes across the floor ark sz

doesnt anybody feel
that all these killers should be killed
and all these healers should be healed
so all these beggers can be filled

now tell me why am i to lie
if im holding firm and feel the right
to lie beside this dog of mine
and let that perverted thought really run through my mind

id scrape my toes across the floor
this days the same as those before
and though inside im feeling giddy
always wrong for never giving myself an uninvaded door

so now ill take a little glue
ill put together a new glittered room for you
so i can start sitting so pretty
instead of sitting here not seein clear
just sitting here not fittin here
no things aint fittin here

ill just lay my head down beside this god of mine
and let that perverted thought burn a hole in my mind
and if i cant lay my head beside this god of mine
maybe the hunters dog called god
could be my friend in time


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