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soak the sin ark sz

ive got to buy some shoes
these ones are getting loose
my feet are shrinking in the sun, and it aint fun
but it looks like rain up ahead in forty miles.
a big rainbow took the blue sky......
im gonna tell my momma, i love her so
and thank you for giving me these bones o gold
im gonna run from my home
jump in the river and let the
water soak the sin in my soul.
fine time we all crossed lines
make the music that makes us feel fine
rednecks on sun decks hearing a hillside romeo say
"boys this is the good shit, so come on all and eat a little bit."
and if i ever go back home, im gonna set......
dont even say a word, it confuses me.
what he says to do, is that we dont have to.
we dont have to.


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