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lemonade ark sz

theres such a thing as self opinion
and this far down south i have no self-control
if anbody else feels like a nobody
well then your gonna have to look out for you
ill colour green verything believed in
but i keep screaming for my glass of lemonade

i walk around and it feels good to be movin
the breeze thats blowin through cannot be found
jump on the trolley thats headed for all the hollering
and then youre gonna have to look out for you

in desperate need of a little more religion
to nurse your god like point of view

fool on the sheetroof you gotta lay down in your ruins
the river flowin by, is way too big to bound
if i should speak up, and say hello mr. uppercut
oh, how nice to have avoided you

ill bloody bleed on everything im seeing
but i keep screaming for that glass of lemonade

too much, too much, too much lemonade


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