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i wonder ark sz

all alone the broadening skies
under the every night i will lie
scratching claw and grip the rails
every day my living hell
oh god you know ive tried
i know how hard i tried
and oh i tried......
hey id like to daze away to a
place like no one has known
in a state of mind i could call mine
that only i could own
where i could hum a tune anytime
i choose, and then there is no such thing as time
where i can feel no pain just calm and sane
what a place for one to find
now you see im watching everything
i do and theyre watching everything i say
why wont they leave me be?
why am i even here? i wonder
you leave me wondering
wont you stop watching me
i said theyre watching me, watching me, watching me
now in my corner i got the ceiling in my eyes
arms holding up my knees
and rocking back and forth my life
i didnt mean to feel this way
when i walked into the door, lord
then they ripped away my memories
and i cant remember who i was before.
and i only wanted to be 16 and free.
......and i wonder.


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