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dear oldad ark sz

come now and listen babe
i gotta reason why i behave
like a child with a light in eyes
running naked on a cold winter night
i am like a pigeon that is spreading
its wings to fly away to better things
like a hammer that has made
a dent in every little single cent youve spent
said oh god youve got to help me a little bit
youve got to have a relief file for me
now i know im always right, thats a
thought that never even crossed my mind
dont touch me there, ive gotta be pure
so smack that hand, and read this verse
so i wrecked your life, what the heck
my new found faith will pay by check
this lifes took a toll on my soul
so this is me and thats my song
and i guess that you can see that we dont get along
ive shut the doors on what we had
so now she can sleep with her dear ol dad
my eyes are dry and my hands are clean
and i cant believe all the things ive seen
oh my god!


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