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car seat gods presents ark sz

tongue tied, nerves as big as boulders
why mom, i thought i was your soldier
my brother sits by me
buckled into the carseat

feel the thirst, its time for pulling over
into the truckstop on my daddys shoulder
out back where they plant all the trees
ten feet away my daddy buries me

gods presents

if my path be smooth or rugged
if with thorns or roses strewn
where i go the father seeith
and he will leave me not alone

if i take the wings of morning
far within the giant sea
even there his hand will leave me
even there my god will be

though the gloom of night be round me
though i cannot see my way
yet the lord will see and guide me
because unto him the night is day

if my thought are good or evil
set me think to hide them not
there is one above all seeing
and he beholdth every thought

and ever more my eyes beholds me
and all my ways to him are known
and his loving arms enfolds me
he will leave me not alone

gods presents was written by blanche bridge on february 11, 1884


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