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all that i need ark sz

all that i need is the air that i breathe
and all that i need are (all) things
i dont need
and all that really matters
is what matters to me(hee..hee)
and who of (?) you are like me

if i was to smile and i held out my hand (hold)
and opened it now would you not understand

because you know if im to benefit ill do everything that
i can (handle?)

and who of you are like me

it will make you feel good
over my shoulder
it will get me down
and got me tied up
til i grow older

but feel me inside of you
like you want it to

but is it just the pains in your head
that are thrilling me

another lifes...falling down onto its knees

but ill never smile the way
that i did like that day....

everything will be ok......
itll be ok......


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