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great white, great white arklar, great white ark szleri
1.a short overture458
3.again and again404
4.aint no way to treat a lady381
5.aint no way to treat a lady another version403
6.aint no shame604
7.all over now568
8.all right483
10.anyway i can448
11.babys on fire568
12.bad boys538
13.big goodbye424
14.bitches and other women415
15.burning house of love372
16.call it rock n roll668
17.cant shake it720
18.cold hearted lovin538
19.congo square548
21.dead end garden grove476
22.desert moon504
23.doctor me643
24.down at the doctor474
26.face the day379
27.fast road503
28.fire and water380
29.freedom song390
30.get on home411
31.gimme some lovin650
32.gone to the dogs460
33.gone with the wind592
34.gonna getcha450
35.hand on the trigger383
36.hard and cold440
37.heart the hunter457
39.hey mister544
40.hiway nights442
41.hold on494
42.house of broken love442
43.i dont need no doctor567
44.i want you400
45.if i ever saw a good thing458
46.immigrant song412
47.in the tradition437
48.is anybody there484
49.lady love619
50.lady red light470
51.last time489
52.lil mama451
53.lives in chains396
54.livin in the usa552
55.love is a lie437
56.love removal machine399
57.loveless age400
58.lovin kind403
59.man in the sky468
60.maybe someday399
61.miles away460
62.mista bone426
64.momma dont stop607
65.money thats what i want511
66.mothers eyes564
67.move it434
68.my world382
69.never change heart671
70.never trust a pretty face392
72.no better than hell374
73.no matter what527
74.no way518
75.old rose motel367
76.on the edge489
77.on your knees407
78.once bitten twice shy415
79.out of the night353
80.pain overload435
81.psychedelic hurricane369
82.psycho city453
83.ready for love443
84.red house449
85.rock me504
86.rock n roll379
87.rollin stoned599
88.run away464
89.sail away415
90.saint lorraine397
91.save your love767
92.she only433
93.she shakes me415
94.shot in the dark430
95.silent night380
96.sin city540
97.sister mary448
98.south bay cities473
99.step on you414
100.stick it447
103.tangled up in blue361
104.the angel song541
105.the original queen of sheeba421
106.waiting for love469
107.what do you do413
108.where is the love415
109.wooden jesus369
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