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when the last teardrop falls ark sz
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when the last teardrop falls ark sz

its so hard to lose the one you love
to finally have to say goodbye
you try to be strong but the pain keeps holdin on
and all that you can do is cry
deep within your heart you know its time to move on
when the fairy tale that you once knew is gone

when the last tear drop falls
ill still be holdin on to all of our memories
and all of what used to be

when the last tear drop falls
i will stand tall
and know that youre here with me in my heart
when the last tear drop falls

so now im alone and life keeps movin on
but my destination still unknown, oh yeah
will there be a time when ill fall in love again?
when i was meant to walk these streets alone
if there was just one wish i could be granted here tonight
it would be to have you right back by my side


now its time for me to find my happiness again
and the emptiness from missin you
will never ever end, baby



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