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roll with me ark sz

mmm, yeah baby, ooohh, ohhh

ive got to know whats going on baby
why things tween us they are so shady
i thought we had, had an understanding
that it would go down when im good and ready

it was all a simple thing that made,
(that made me wanna get with you be your boo)
when you started trippin, running games
(so now you gotta choose, thats why im tellin you)

if youre gonna roll with me, baby let me know
if all you wanna do is get down, then you gotta go
baby ill let you know when its right for me
so baby in the meantime
i think you need to get to know, know, know me

why you tell me, you wanna be with me
i feel that its just a hit and a run while baby
lately ive been checkin out the facts
thats why i wont get up on my back


natinas rap

chorus till fade


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