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bring it all to me ark sz

there you are
looking as fine as can be
in your fancy car
i can see you looking at me
what you wanna do?
are you just gonna sit there and stare?
baby talk to me
tell me whats on your mind, baby oh

oh baby, bring it all to me
but i dont need no fancy cars or diamond rings
oh baby, bring it all to me
gimme your time, your love, your space, your energy

baby, whats the deal?
would i be too forward if
i told you how i feel
thats just the way i do my thang
im so for real
are you feeling my timbs, my baggy jeans
my thug appeal
do you like it when a man can keep it real?


oh, baby

oh, ill put my pride to the side
just to tell you how good you make me feel inside

theres not a single question
that we cant make this right
cause its you i need every day and night

[j.c. & shamari]
oh ho ho baby yeah

chorus until fade


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