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yo, see what i beleive is, uh huh uh huh, 808 needs a remix

oh babe, is it true that your girl dont do the things i do?
are you missin this love i used to give to you?
had you comin in the front door, leavin out the back at night
oh babe, oh babe
oh babe, do you stay up all night thinkin how i did you right?
are you missin all the ways i used to keep it tight?
im the only one who knows all the freaky things you like
oh baby, oh baby

she aint got that boom like i do
and she dont move a room like i do
and she aint got that junk in her trunk or that bump that you want
and that girl aint got the moves like i do
she aint got that boom like i do
and she dont move a room like i do
and she dont put that curl in your toes when she makes her body roll
and that girl dont work it slow like i do

babe, is it true that one day you called her my name?
it was then that you knew that it didnt feel the same
down deep in your mind got you bonin me again
oh babe, oh babe
babe, dont pretend that your girls stuff is as good as mine
if it was then you wouldnt be callin me all the time
this love is so good, im the first thing on your mind
oh baby, oh baby


yo aint nobody bang it like me
stack it like me
wouldnt like me
ask kelly his orignal plan to get us large on that map by making you clap your
damns you bizotch
im not gonna lie i bump my amps to this
cutie pie honey bunch
if your not busy take me to lunch
oh yall done did it now
with the luscious music what poppin crews and 80 boost and what tellin yous
yeah hit me up you one in a million
forgets the mens cause the ride in my pocket baby and today i just wanna jiggle
my ball and knock your socks off with my,wha,wha,wha,what,whatyeah

chorus till end


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