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you dont give up ark sz

there you go again as soon as the going gets tough.
are you finding that a diet of fluff wont fill you up?
thats a nice line, from where did you lift it?
you talk like heaven, youre amazingly gifted.
show me a reason why your promises fall through.
your kisses were okay, but you stole them too.

you dont give up, youre a loser disguised.
you voice your concern, but its a pack of lies.
you dont really care, dont say that you do.
save your breath for when you tell the truth.

you draw em all in and then you turn around and throw em away.
better watch out for all of them who misconstrued your little games.

you dont give up, youre a fool who really tries
to make innocent people think youre some kind of prize.
you dont really care, dont try to tell me you do.
save your spit for when you shine my shoes.


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