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watch me now, im calling ark sz

im closing up, im shutting down, i took a vow of silence.
you wont hear me from now on, youll only see the violence.

i put some water into a pot and brought it to a boil.
i poured it on my arm without any reflex of recoil.
i made sure itd miss my hand,
cause i need it to play in a band.
i thought i would scream,
but i didnt feel a thing.

then i took some ice and the sharpest knife, and brought em to my room.
i sat there thinking of you and what i ought to do.
then i picked a spot and numbed it up, cause carving can take some time,
then i dug your name out of my skin, cause in my head, youre in my...mind

wo! i realized with some urgency, that all this is childs play.
i need to learn to speak in a more effective way.
but just what is the desired effect and why have i been stalling?
i want you to feel it, watch me now, im calling.

over at the hospital, they will dress my wounds,
but they wont really heal, until theyre touched by you.



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