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kiss and make up ark sz

you can have my undivided attention.
ill give you everything and then some.
now, dont you wanna...dont you wanna kiss and make up?

whatever i did, i wont do it again.
ill die for you, just say when.
ill forget about what youve done.
now come on, im in no shape to be left alone.
now, dont you wanna, dont you wanna kiss and make up?

forgetting what else ill have to say.
evil, yes ive seen it.
but for now put your torture tools away
and love me like you mean it.

when you walk out the door, please dont be long.
you know i cant stand when you are gone.
oh, please lets kiss and make up.

ooo, youre acid rain.
whyd you have to try and bring me pain.
i ask you from down on scraped-up knees.
come and put my mind at ease.
let me do my thing.
bring me something good to eat.
lay me down again and youll see
the power you have over me...power you have over me...
over me...over me...over me...over me.


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