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ill take anything ark sz

feel like a slob who lives for the day,
when a winning ticket pay is made.
caught with my butt hanging out of my pants.
waiting for some kind of lucky chance.
but nothing ever comes to those who wait.
thats why im wasting away in front of that empty plate.
i say, "ill gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger, today."

i look out of the window from my bed.
i weigh all my options, but not one comes out ahead.
youd think thered be something.
oh, ill take anything.

i look up to the heavens and over at the phone.
most of what i had is gone,
but i still got my tv,
it makes me feel im not alone.
i say, "nothings good and nothings bad.
everythings just kinda sad.
i kinda hope for an accident,
so i can go to sleep."

i look at all my buddies and whats left of the family.
theyre not what i wanna be.
not whom i wanna see.
youd think thered be something.
oh, ill take anything.

wasnt always this way.
i used to know how to use the day.
maybe i can shake this funk
and get out before im sunk.


youd think thered be something,
oh, ill take anything.


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