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grateful ark sz

somebody gave me this song, i just supplied the links.
i dont like to sit too long, for fear that i might sink.
i dont like to fly too far, for fear that i might fall.
why cant i be steady, is there no middle ground at all?
all-all, all-all.

i need too much sleep, the days are always hazy.
maybe ill wake up some day, or maybe ill get crazy.
dont complain, you have it all, all there is is this.
dont ever blink, just think of what you might miss.
miss, miss

i have to go vomit now, but my mother isnt calling.
i dont like cliffs or roofs, im scared of jumping and falling.
yesterday was years ago, i dont remember when i grew.
it might stop today, so can i spend the time with you?
you, you. you, you.

when i die, will i get to see everyone crying over me?
when i die, will i get to see everyone crying over me?
when i die, will i get to see everyone crying over me?


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