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yo love ark sz

get higher, baby, uh, yo
get higher, baby, catch the beat
get higher, baby, ugh, yo
get higher, baby, yo, yo, yo, yo
get higher, baby, ugh
get higher, baby, yo, oh
get higher, baby

all day long, ive been thinking about you, baby.
the way you kiss me girl, its driving me crazy.
all i want is to be with you girl
baby girl, cant you see that i, i know the time is right
ive been thinking about you every night
i just wanna be with you
ill be there for you, take good care of you
yo, yo, yo

1 - yo love is the kind of love
that make a brother wanna shake yo game, game
yo love is the kind of love
that dont cause no stress, no pain, pain
yo love is the kind of love
that make the dogs, what, just wanna flip, flip
yo love, yo this is blackstreet, baby
you know we wanna abandon ship, feel me now

im on a mission and its to get with you
when we get together, maybe we can zoom, zoom
we can spend the night
so i can meet you at the top to build ya
drip, drop, honey love
when were making love to this groove
lets make it right, girl
i just wanna see you every night
i wanna be with you
so, baby, dont let me down tonight
yo, yo, yo

repeat 1

[sauce money]
this is not a phase
i go downtown like dr. js
cant nobody stop my ways
sauce money at your service
you deserve not to be nervous
she said "i like the way you work it"
of course you do
you know my flow is true
sounds like no diggity part 2
maybe not though
still hot, though
rip up a track
goin to blackstreet so i can pick up my plaque
what you need me to bring back?
mil, platinum earrings and silk
gucci towers for the cristal
just a few acres so your dream house can get built
well, i got that
all i got to do is write a hot track
them blackstreet cats got a lot
cant even feed them
you know the saying - "if you cant beat em..."
thats what you want to look
you was the hottest thing
well, i love you so much
that imma make you wish that you never meet him

now that the time is right
i just wanna see you every night
i wanna be with you
so, baby, dont let me down tonight

repeat 1


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