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this is how we roll ark sz

when we rock the party

ladies and gentlemen, we got blackstreet in the house tonight..
and they got a little thing to say to you

1- ooooo... this is how we roll
in case you didnt know
blackstreet is in control
when we rock the party

repeat 1

friday and the mood is right, for hanging all night
i wanna boo-geh the party till the morning light
jiggy down from head to toe, gotta represent you know
step outside, in my ride, here we go

repeat 1

repeat 1

ladies everywhere you look
the partys off the hood
and everybodys doing their own thing and the partys going on
champagne and drinks are on the house
the amp we turn it up
no need to rush cause you know us, were doing it all night long

repeat 1

repeat 1

blackstreet rocks the party

repeat 1 till fade


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