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no diggity ark sz

you know what
i like the playettes
no diggity, no doubt
play on playette
play on playette
yo dre, drop the verse

[dr. dre]
its going down, fade to blackstreet
the homies got rb, collab creations
bump like acne, no doubt
i put it down, never slouch
as long as my credit can vouch
a dog couldnt catch me ass out
tell me who can stop when dre making moves
attracting honeys like a magnet
giving em eargasms with my mellow accent
still moving this flavour
with the homies blackstreet and teddy
the original rump shakers

shorty in down, good lord
baby got em up open all over town
strictly biz, she dont play around
cover much ground, got game by the pound
getting paid is a forte
each and every day, true player way
i cant get her out of my mind
i think about the girl all the time

east side to the west side
pushing phat rides, its no surprise
she got tricks in the stash
stacking up the cash
fast when it comes to the gas
by no means average
as long as shes got to have it
baby, youre a perfect ten, i wanna get in
can i get down, so i can win

(chorus #1)- i like the way you work it
no diggity, i try to bag it up, bag it up

repeat chorus #1 (3x)

shes got class and style
shes managed by the town,
baby never act wild
very low key on the profile
catichin vilians is a no,
let me tell you how it goes
curves the words, spins the verbs
lovers it curves so freak what you heard
rolin with the phatness
you dont even know what the half is
you gotta pay to play
just for shorty, bang-bang, to look your way
i like the way you work it
trumped tight, all day, every day
youre blowing my mind, maybe in time
baby, i can get you in my ride

repeat chorus #1 (4x)

(chorus #2)- hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo
(hey yo, that girl looks good)
hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo
(play on, play on playette)
hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo
(youre my kind of girl, no diggity)
hey yo, hey yo, hey yo, hey yo

[queen pen]
cause thats my peeps and we row g
flying first class from new york city to blackstreet
what you know about me, not a motherf.. thing
cartier wooded frames sported by my shortie
as for me, icy gleaming pinky diamond ring
we bes the baddest clique up on the scene
aint you getting bored with these fake ass broads
i shows and proves, no doubt, i be takin you, so
please excuse, if i come across rude
thats just me and thats how the playettes got to be
stay kicking game with a capital g
ax the peoples on my block, im as real as can be
word is bond, faking jacks never been my flava
so, teddy, pass the word to your nigga chauncy
i be sitting in car, lets say around 3:30
queen pen and blackstreet, its no diggity

repeat chorus #1 (4x)

repeat chorus #2


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