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never gonna let you go ark sz

1 - never gonna let you go away
you belong to me
and im never gonna let you go
never gonna let you go away
we were meant to be in love, love

take your time, mark just sing it for em
i regret the moment, when i heard you say
you dont want no part of me no more
but im sorry, that you changed your mind
youre staying in my life forever more, forever more
cause ill never

repeat 1

now i must admit, that i did you wrong
hiding all your tears
when you cried for me to come back home
and then you tell me
part-time loving just wont do
i cant say a word
oh, i must have been a fool
but this time, this time, ill never

repeat 1

now girl, i know
weve had our share of ups and downs
but we can make it, if we try
(only if we try)
and your friends are telling you
that im not the one for you
but ill never, no no never, let you go

repeat 1

repeat 1


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