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my paradise interlude ark sz

you take me up so high
higher up and high, i reach the sky
feel so good youre in my life
my paradise (whoa)

you show love in a special way
just enough to make my day
you give more than i can take
my paradise (whoa)

keeper of the sun
keep it shining on the one
who lights my life when the darkness comes
my paradise (whoa)

if i see you looking down
im all happy to come around
wanna see you smile
my paradise (whoa)

you are my cover
when it rains and its cold outside
oh, youre my one and only
paradise (whoa)

and if you think you dont know girl
then wont you touch my heart
you can feel the beat from a thousand miles
my paradise (whoa)

you know that you
you take me away if you wanted to
you are my dream come true
my paradise (whoa)

you make me feel so free
lady youre my ecstasy
promise youll never leave
my paradise (whoa)

loving you baby
youre my dream come true
and i dont know what i would do
my paradise (whoa)

para, paradise (whoa)


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