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motherlude ark sz

hey, whassup?
this is mark
im not in right now
so leave a message
and ill get back to you as soon as possible

[lucille middleton]
hello, mark
i know youre not there but
i know that you love the lord
and i remember when you was a little boy
you used to love music
and you loved to just play
and i always knew that you would make it
as long as you sticked with the lord
cuz god is here to do the things that fail
and i knew he have all power, hes peace
and i knew that you would do good
with your new group
so im prayin for you and your group
that i know that godll always will bless you
as long as you keep your head in his hands

[ella mae williams]
there is one thing i would like to say to you
whereever you go
whatever you do
whatever you say
remember to put god first
and i know one day
you will be back home
after you finish sayin this rock and roll

[mildred riley]
you came a long way
you went the wrong way
but then god see fit to put in my heart
to bring you back the right way
and to tell you the right things to do
and so far, you have prospered through your music
because you been playin music for a long time
and you played all the way through church
i always tell you that god
was gonna bless you one day
and god have blessed you
he have blessed you with sound and music
through your heart, through your finger
through your mind
and through the love that you share with other people
and it only come from being well mannered
and respect
and regardless of what song you sing
you can sing gospel, you can sing rock and roll
god gave you that song to sing
and every song he gave you so far
it became a hit
and youve been blessed with these songs
so you keep on singing these songs
and you keep on praisin the lord
and for each thing that you do
you thank him
because without god, you cant do nothing

[ada mckenzie]
i want you to thank god
for where god has brought you from
he has brought you from a mighty long way
you has been born with a special gift with a message
and i dont want you to forget
where god has brought you from
you has been singing ever since you was a little boy
by listening to sounds of music as a baby
and listening to a reecord player
you would pick up the sound and repeat what you hear
at that time, we noticed that you had a gift by god
but you been through a hard time struggling
through your career
but you kept pressin on
you never gave up on your dream
and i thank god for the effort that you have made
you have been obedient
you have been singing in the church at an early age
and you have been honoring your parents for a long time
and you have learned how to respect people
but i want you to continue to do that
dont never forget where you came from
and dont never forget what your father have taught you
he have taught you how to attend church on sunday morning
and how to treat your brothers and sisters
and he have taught you how to share with people
i want you to always remember that god loves you
and i love you too
always remember to do good
do right and be great
and the lord will bless you
because the lord is real

amen, i truly do think the lord is real
and i think you know, if it wasnt for him
we wouldnt be where we at today
we wouldnt be able to do any singing, anything
so i think its about time for us
to give unto the lord
its time to make that change
and we gotta do it now

thats right
because the lord is real
lets go


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