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lets stay in love ark sz

listen, i know we have our ups and downs
our fights, our good times, and our bad times
but through it all
nothing compares to the way i love you girl
so baby, lets stay in love
lets stay in love

1 - ooo, lets stay in love; lets stay together
lets stay devoted, lets stay forever
lets stay in love, lets stay together
lets stay, lets stay in love

listen, girl, i must confess
that you are the best ive ever had in my whole life
and i believe that love, just wouldnt be complete
without you here beside me
near to guide me through, whatever comes my way
and i wanna say, ooo baby

repeat 1

lady, i never knew a love before you
and then you came and made it clearview
and i wanna thank heaven above
for placing you beside me
youre the queen of hearts in my world
ill be the king of hearts to you girl
with our love, we can conquer anything
yeah yeah oh oh oh oh

repeat 1

stay, stay, please stay
stay in love
stay, stay, please please stay
stay, in love

stay wit me


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