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ill give it to you ark sz

1 - whenever you want it
ill give it to you
whenever you need it
you dont have to ask
whenever you want it
ill give it to you
whenever you need it
you dont have to ask me

let me guess girl
what you asking for
give me three chances
to show you what i know
one, you want me to hold you tight
two, you want a gentle kiss at night
three, youre bout to get ready
cuz you know you cant resist

2 - girl you shouldnt have to wait
cuz makin love to you is such a natural thing
you can do what you wanna do
im here to relieve you
so dont you hold back

cant you see that

repeat 1

when youre in the mood
lets not hesitate
i can love you
in one thousand one different ways
whenever you want it ill give it to you
cuz baby you got it
whenever you like

repeat 2

i wanna give it to you

repeat 1

there is a time and a place for everything
honey if you need my lovin
i will be there for you
morning, noon or night
it will be so right
girl, you got it going on
you can get this lovin till the break of dawn
hey yeah, come on, whenever you need it
come on baby, you can get it
oh yeah, baby you can get it anytime you want it
just call me

repeat 1 until fade


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