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i cant get you out of my mind ark sz
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i cant get you out of my mind ark sz

its alright baby

1 - i cant, get you out of my mind
your love is, one of a kind
youve given so much of yourself
i swear, dont want nobody else

baby dont you know that ill do anything for you
ill give you my time, give you my heart
give you the world if you want me to
life hasnt been easy
knowing that you love somebody else
aint nothing i can do about it
all i have to blame is myself, and i cant

repeat 1

i thought i had you fooled
with the girls and the things that i was putting down
but little did i know
miss thang was spreading business all over town
i dont know what she told you
but i bounced upon the love one time
i took her to my house, laid her on the couch
set it affray, then threw her ass out

so what about the girl in the 6-4
she didnt mean a damn thing to me baby
she needed a ride from the jam
and being the man that i am, i said "you can"
and what about the girl in the drop-top
with the lollipop, at the light, by the bus stop
you musta beel fooled into thinkin the kid was slack
girl i did my thing, but now i want my baby back
girl i cant

repeat 1

damn, just picked the wrong time to mess up
from the time you left me, up until this moment
i just couldnt get you off my mind
but i know if we could start all over again
i know things wont be the same
i can make it better, i swear, i swear
girl, i swear

repeat 1 til end


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