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gotta get you home ark sz

hold up lets take it from the top i fox
gets my swirve on. floss pure rocks
in the six drop boo and it dont stop
see money lookin alright, yeah what up pop?
across the room throwin signals,
im throwin em back
flirtin cause i digs you like that
peep baby boys style, hopin we match
he sent me crown royal with a note attached
it said you look like the type that know what you like,
i can tell by the jewels you go for the ice
plus you wear shoes well the suits flows nice
i dont like the notes to well lets be more precise
meet me by the vip lets pow wow
whispered in my ear like boo lets bounce now
im bout to say peace to my mans for you
when its all said and done i got plans for you
he said..

oooooh baby, gotta get you home with me tonight
uh oh, uh oh
oooooh baby, gotta get you home with me tonight
baby i need you here tonight

at the bar high post
frontin i toast
gettin my flirt on playa aint nothin
he tryin say the right word to get inside of here
jackpot when he said his bullshit in here
and his smile blind like the shine on his necklace
mind tellin me no
body tellin me exit
brests said yes give me more wet kisses
uh twist my body like the exorsist
hey the way he liked his lips he was mackin
true thug passion
im like slow down before you crashin
nevermind him, he aint thinkin bout you
or the way we sex on the villa up in malibu
marry who? daddi please
im takin it all from the stash to the kis (kilos)
now let me see,
boo im bout to debt my mans for you
when its all said and done i got plans for you
he said...


grabbed me by the hand and led the way
outside of the club talkin to valle
mind started to stray
know your miles away
contemplating goin back to his crib to parle
jumped in the passenger seat relaxed my feet,
as he threw on blackstreet casually
and we cruised the metro on premium petro
eyes sized up my thighs and couldnt let go
ta tas perkin, your makin me high like tony
work me, take me im hot
i thought for a minute and then my mind went
sex all around the car isnt it ironic?
back to reality, soul to soul
breathin heavily but still in control
bust the shy girl role put my hand on his leg
with sex in his eyes he turned and then he said...



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