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finally ark sz

you know you and ive been through many hardships in life
they say people who believe, hardship has made us doubt
the very god of gods
but the apostle paul said in his scripture
we are troubled on every side, yet not in distressed
we are perplexed but not in dispair
persecuted but not forsaken
cast down but we are never distroyed
and the conclusion of the whole matter is that
finally the storm is over
its time for us to reap what we have sewn
no doubt my brothers and sisters
god has given us a miracle, finally

finally well make it through the storm and the rain
its time to give and praise and bless the lord
if you believe in miracles, just you wait and see
cuz finally well make it through it all

1 - bless the lord
bless the lord
cuz finally well make it through it all
bless the lord
bless the lord
cuz finally well make it through the storm

weve had our ups and downs
sometimes there no way out, i know hes there
to lead me and guide me every step of the way, yeah
your grace, my joy, constant friend indeed
everything that i do, i owe it all to you
i bless your name

repeat 1

to every believer, all things work together for the good
to him that love to lord
its time for us to speak to those things
that are not as though they were
so i command every household to be blessed
i command every marriage to work out
i command every broken heart to be heal
i command prosperity upon my life
its my time, its my time, finally, finally
the miracle is here
cmon blackstreet, cmon fellowship
lets bless the lord

repeat 1 with ad lib until fade

and because god is the greatest power
we shall not be defeated


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