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can you feel me ark sz

feel this
twelve cars, mansion, beautiful kids
fly life, my life
wanna be here to see it on tv
listen to my cd easily
dough flow, blow, do the show, all across the globe
lotta carats in my earlobe, chillin 20 million
wanna jam with my ghettos blackstreet heros
do they thing, whatcha got?
new jack swing, teddy stay ready
deadly on the remix
im the prefix and suffix, got enough chips
not enough hits though, dont get it twisted
over a hundred of mine listed, why?
k-sick widdows and six zeroes in the blink of a eye
in the game im ahead of, spread love, call my fleet
when i break bread, we allll eat
thats how we play from motown to va
t.r., mad pr, cuban cigar, never illegal
none of yall equal, peek-a-boo, i see you
now ill leave you with just a little sneak preview
you know how we do, music for the people

1 - got to give the people
give the people what they want
want chall to feel this
get near this, hear this
its the realist
gotta give what the people
give the people what they want
want chall to feel this
get near this, hear this
its the realist

see black, markell, future sound cartel
soon as we dropped the stock fell
look, better hooks than ali
give more nightmares than rakim
g-rock to whom i sell records, you dont
check my steez, invest my gs, adjust that beatss
golddiggers wanna caress my cheek
see me flow, battle free g, ceo yo
thatll be me, why yall hate to work
i read every line of the paperwork
thats my job, till its all done
corn on the cob, mcs it aint all fun
you might flow to sick cuz it really quickest
but you stay booked forever cuz you dont know the business

repeat 1

repeat 1


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