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grandaddy, grandaddy arklar, grandaddy ark szleri
1."yeah" is what we had533
2.a m553
3.aisle seat -d369
4.alan parsons in a winter wonderland378
5.broken household appliance national forest330
7.collective dreamwish of upper class elegance427
8.could this be love350
9.e knievel interlude the perils of keeping it real483
10.el caminos in the west431
11.everything beautiful is far away471
12.fare thee not well mutineer404
13.first movement/message fade424
14.for the dishwasher447
15.gentle spike resort395
16.ghost of485
17.go progress chrome514
18.hewletts daughter659
19.hes simple, hes dumb, hes the pilot500
20.im on standby558
21.jed the humanoid349
22.jeds other poem beautiful ground561
23.kim, you bore me to death419
24.l f o458
25.laughing stock365
26.lost on yer merry way382
27.miner at the dial-a-view527
28.moe bandy mountaineers385
29.nonphenomenal lineage463
30.now its on569
31.o k with my decay421
32.our dying brains393
33.poisoned at hartsy thai food521
35.protected from the rain317
37.saddest vacant lot in all the world386
38.so youll aim toward the sky766
39.stray dog and the chocolate shake356
40.summer here kids415
42.the crystal lake382
43.the final push to the sun346
44.the go in the go-for-it354
45.the group who couldnt say533
46.the warming sun391
47.underneath the weeping willow446
48.what cant be erased812
49.why took your advice400
50.wives of farmers376
51.you drove your car into a moving train386
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