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graham parker, graham parker arklar, graham parker ark szleri
1.a brand new book382
2.a miracle a minute376
3.and it shook me345
5.another grey area337
6.back door love367
7.back in time347
8.back to schooldays353
11.between you and me368
12.beyond a joke460
13.big fat zero370
14.big man on paper344
15.black honey485
16.black lincoln continental376
17.blue highways371
18.break them down377
19.call me your doctor471
20.canned laughter361
21.cant waste a minute505
22.character assassination366
23.children and dogs346
24.clear head330
25.crawlin from the wreckage339
26.cruel stage390
27.crying for attention383
29.daddys a postman706
30.dancing for money370
31.dark side of the bright lights356
32.devils sidewalk532
33.discovering japan363
34.disneys america615
35.dont ask me questions699
36.dont get excited640
37.dont let it break you down571
38.empty lives356
39.endless night338
40.everyones hand is on the switch518
41.everything goes399
42.fear not390
43.first day of spring344
44.fly graham parker400
45.fools gold606
46.force of nature357
47.get over it and move on362
48.get started start a fire323
49.girl on the pier graham parker370
50.glass jaw357
51.green monkeys492
52.guardian angels347
53.gypsy blood363
54.haunted episodes390
55.heat treatment366
56.help me shake it368
57.here it comes again371
58.honest work377
59.hotel chambermaid354
60.howlin wind454
61.i dont know548
62.i want you back the corporation457
63.i was wrong354
65.its all worth nothing alone679
66.im gonna tear your playhouse down e randle491
67.im just your man625
68.joe meeks blues570
69.jolie jolie graham parker378
70.just like a man383
71.just like hermann hesse475
72.lady doctor409
73.last couple on the dance floor335
74.life gets better374
75.little miss understanding408
76.local girls375
77.locked into green378
78.long stem rose428
79.love gets you twisted373
80.love is a burning question387
81.love without greed356
83.lunatic fringe422
85.mercury poisoning341
86.mighty rivers364
87.milk train graham parker332
88.mr tender448
89.museum of stupidity343
90.museum piece387
91.my loves strong459
92.new york shuffle350
93.next phase365
94.no holding back359
95.no more excuses348
96.nobody hurts you407
97.not if it pleases me375
98.nothins gonna pull us apart464
100.obsessed with aretha356
101.ok heironymous327
102.over the border to america346
104.partner for life361
105.passion is no ordinary word376
106.passive resistance449
107.platinum blonde389
109.pourin it all out517
110.problem child355
112.release me413
113.saturday nite is dead322
114.see yourself362
115.sharpening axes387
116.she never let me down363
117.she wants so many things338
118.short memories352
119.silly thing345
120.slash and burn395
121.something youre going through499
122.soul on ice375
123.soul shoes365
125.sounds like chains347
126.stick to me357
127.strong winds graham parker439
130.sugar gives you energy354
131.take everything363
132.temporary beauty397
133.ten girls ago463
134.thankless task382
135.thats what they all say509
136.thats where she ends up579
137.the beating of another heart265
138.the girl isnt ready447
139.the heat in harlem355
140.the kid with the butterfly net379
141.the raid454
142.the sun is gonna shine again409
143.the weekends too short428
144.they got it wrong as usual358
145.they murdered the clown377
146.three martini lunch340
147.thunder and rain366
148.too late the smart bomb512
149.too many knots to untangle343
150.too much time to think363
151.turn it into hate333
152.turned up too late361
153.under the mask of happiness379
154.waiting for the ufos335
155.wake up next to you461
156.watch the moon come down361
157.weeping statues363
158.when i was king348
159.when you do that to me386
160.white honey381
161.worthy of your love361
163.yesterdays cloud454
164.you cant be too strong459
165.you cant take love for granted486
166.you got the world right where you want it329
167.you hit the spot350
168.youve got to be kidding500
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