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gordon lightfoot, gordon lightfoot arklar, gordon lightfoot ark szleri
1. degrees and getting colder344
2. karat gold420
3.a lesson in love391
4.a message to the wind378
5.a minor ballad322
6.a painter passing through342
7.a passing ship335
8.a tree too weak to stand438
9.affair on th avenue375
10.alberta bound372
11.all im after494
12.all the lovely ladies410
13.always on the bright side380
14.anything for love363
16.approaching lavender360
17.baby step back393
18.ballad of yarmouth castle318
20.bells of the evening363
21.bend in the water337
22.betty called me in396
23.biscuit city378
24.bitter green345
25.black day in july384
26.blackberry wine432
29.boss man350
30.brave mountaineers413
31.broken dreams412
33.canadian railroad trilogy296
34.canary yellow canoe446
35.cant depend on love507
36.carefree highway395
38.cherokee bend334
39.christian island322
40.circle of steel319
41.cobwebs & dust335
42.cold hands from new york324
43.cold on the shoulder361
44.cotton jenny382
46.daylight katy367
47.did she mention my name368
48.does your mother know356
49.don quixote359
50.dont beat me down617
51.dream street rose410
54.drink yer glasses empty435
55.early mornin rain479
56.east of midnight347
57.ecstasy made easy360
58.endless wire349
59.fading away362
60.farewell to annabel371
61.fine as fine can be386
62.for lovin me506
63.forgive me lord346
64.ghosts of cape horn405
65.go go round386
66.go my way345
67.gotta get away415
68.hangdog hotel room358
69.heaven dont deserve me495
70.heaven help the devil346
71.hey you377
72.high and dry326
73.hiway songs577
74.home from the forest365
75.i used to be a country singer340
76.i want to hear it from you337
77.if children had wings344
78.if i could367
79.if it should please you403
80.if theres a reason582
81.if you could read my mind361
82.if you got it373
83.if you need me374
84.in a windowpane338
85.in my fashion784
86.is there anyone home438
87.its too late, he wins460
88.its worth believin480
89.id do it again496
90.id rather press on545
91.ill be alright620
92.ill do anything524
93.ill prove my love522
94.ill tag along459
95.im not sayin505
96.im not sayin / ribbon of darkness423
97.im not supposed to care460
98.just like tom thumbs blues sunday concert plus433
99.keepin on yearning520
100.knotty pine351
101.lazy mornin475
102.leaves of grass376
103.let it ride386
105.long river368
106.long thin dawn359
107.long way back home394
108.looking at the rain331
109.love and maple syrup420
110.magnificent outpouring358
111.make way for the lady361
112.mama said327
113.marie christine366
114.may i359
115.me and bobby mcgee404
117.minstrel of the dawn367
118.mister rock of ages362
119.morning glory372
120.mother of a miners child474
121.mountains and marian369
122.movin sunday concert plus516
123.much to my surprise391
124.my little love408
125.my pony wont go497
126.never say trust me446
127.never too close364
128.nous vivons ensemble416
129.now and then338
130.ode to big blue373
131.oh, linda283
132.old dans records490
133.on susans floor653
134.on the high seas342
135.on yonge street391
136.only love would know378
137.ordinary man381
138.peaceful waters406
139.poor little allison442
140.pride of man359
142.pussy willows, cat tails412
143.pussywillows, cattails357
144.race among the ruins355
145.rainbow trout355
146.rainy day people383
147.red velvet378
148.redwood hill381
149.remember me im the one467
151.ribbon of darkness327
152.rich mans spiritual474
153.ring them bells339
154.ringneck loon370
157.salute a lot more livin to do583
158.same old loverman540
159.saturday clothes324
160.sea of tranquility335
161.second cup of coffee351
162.seven island suite349
164.shes not the same494
165.sit down young stranger316
166.sixteen miles338
167.slide on over315
169.someone to believe in396
170.something very special344
171.sometimes i dont mind481
172.somewhere usa383
173.song for a winters night486
174.songs the minstrel sang358
175.spanish moss395
176.spin, spin443
177.station master318
178.stay loose321
179.steel rail blues316
180.stone cold sober382
181.summer side of life344
182.summertime dream344
184.sweet guinevere376
185.talking in your sleep354
187.thank you for the promises370
188.that same old obsession375
189.the auctioneer312
190.the circle is small362
191.the first time ever i saw your face314
192.the gypsy340
193.the house you live in395
194.the last time i saw her371
195.the list364
196.the lost children362
197.the patriots dream428
198.the pony man358
199.the soul is the rock353
200.the watchmans gone638
201.the way i feel365
202.the way i feel in album the way i feel354
203.the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald377
204.too late for prayin657
205.too many clues in this room338
206.too much to lose382
208.uncle toad said382
209.unsettled ways379
210.waiting for you344
212.welcome to try375
213.wherefore and why373
214.whisper my name402
215.whispers of the north348
216.why should i feel blue421
217.wild strawberries351
218.without you383
219.you are what i am393
220.you just gotta be394
221.your loves return456
222.youll still be needing me600
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