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golden earring, golden earring arklar, golden earring ark szleri
1.a shout in the dark317
2.against the grain316
3.all day watcher328
6.another miles349
8.are you receiving me371
9.as long as the wind blows347
10.avalanche of love357
11.baby dont make me nervous486
12.baby dynamite317
13.back home422
14.bad news to fall in love with a mean motherfucker315
15.big tree, blue sea339
16.bloody buccaneers327
18.brother wind380
19.buddy joe377
20.burning stuntman330
21.by routes477
22.call me381
23.can do that327
24.candys going bad463
26.chargin up my batteries481
28.clear night moonlight341
30.come in outerspace332
31.cruisin southern germany477
32.cut em down to size447
33.d light387
34.daddy buy me a girl335
35.daddys gonna save my soul491
36.darkness, darkness403
38.deja voodoo347
39.desperately trying to be different352
40.distant love375
42.dont close the door474
43.dont run too far439
44.dont stop the show488
45.dont worry524
46.eight miles high417
47.enough is enough381
48.everydays torture458
49.evil love chain340
51.faded jeans361
52.fighting windmills419
53.fist in glove325
54.fluid conduction384
55.freedom dont last forever413
56.from heaven from hell366
58.gamblers blues456
59.going crazy again311
60.going to the run349
61.gotta see jane350
62.grab it for a second328
63.happy and young together348
64.have a heart291
65.heart beat329
66.hold me now394
67.holy holy life328
69.i cant do without your kiss455
70.i cant sleep without you481
71.i do rock n roll587
72.i dont wanna be nobody else451
73.i sing my song356
74.if you leave me738
75.in a bad mood292
76.in my house358
77.instant poetry326
78.its over now482
79.ill be back again463
80.im going to send my pigeons to the sky443
81.ive just lost somebody458
82.jane jane588
85.johnny make believe319
86.jump and run318
87.just a little bit of peace in my heart376
88.just like vince taylor351
89.keeper of the flame337
90.kill me ce soir304
92.last blast of the century392
93.last of the mohicans1058
94.latin lightning338
96.legalize telepathy370
97.liquid soul370
98.long blond animal319
99.lost and found320
100.love in motion299
101.love is a rodeo303
102.mad loves comin503
103.making love to yourself329
104.maximum make-up328
105.miles away from nowhere311
106.minute by minute390
107.mission impossible533
108.mood indigo448
110.move over356
111.movin down life524
112.murdock -352
113.my killer my shadow314
114.my little red book378
115.my town364
116.need her352
118.no for an answer363
119.nobody but you396
121.one huge road421
122.one night without you335
123.one shot away from paradise294
124.one word351
125.orwells year539
126.paradise in distress317
127.planet blue334
128.please go321
129.pourin my heart out again443
130.prisoner of the night364
131.quiet eyes357
132.radar love349
134.sail on sailor362
135.save the best for later307
136.save your skin304
137.say my prayer337
139.see see696
140.sellin out533
141.she flies on strange wings360
142.she may be694
143.silver ships356
145.slow down329
146.snot love in spain387
147.so you want to be a rock n roll star417
148.something heavy going down331
149.song of a devils servant442
150.sound of the screaming day344
151.space ship372
152.stand by me356
154.suzy lunacy mental rock315
155.take my hand-close my eyes332
156.tears and lies363
157.temporary madness351
159.that day405
160.the devil made me do it331
161.the fighter315
162.the grand piano380
163.the loner412
164.the lonesome d j315
165.the naked truth364
166.the road swallowed her name330
167.the song is over297
168.the switch315
169.the unforgettable dream308
170.the vanilla queen344
171.the wall of dolls362
172.they dance361
173.this is the other side of life338
174.this is the time of the year312
175.this wheels on fire513
176.thousand feet below you295
177.tiger bay661
178.times up576
179.to the hilt357
180.together we live, together we love1094
181.tons of time339
182.too much woman not enough girl374
183.troubles and hassles297
184.turn the page335
185.twilight zone354
186.u-turn time345
188.weekend love300
189.when i was young367
190.when love turns to pain289
191.when the lady smiles326
192.where will i be374
193.whisper in a crowd362
194.who do you love348
195.why do i356
196.why me325
197.will & mercy280
198.yellow and blue350
199.yes were on fire452
200.youre better off free466
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