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lookin at us ark sz

[black rob]
yo, yo
nobody knew where he came from, or got his name from
all we know is he killed keith with the same gun
he used on terrell, tone from outta jail
now he we livin and makin a lotta mil
watch that cat, send thugs to stop that cat
but niggas like him always got the gat
gotta take em off, gotta play them all real soon
call them hoes we hit in cancoon, get them a room
at the radison over madison
im imaginin somewhere down the line ima have to use my gat again
im alright with stayin up all night
and puffin dark chocolate trees til the dark turns light
that nigga seen us, you actin like theres no beef between us
act like, he aint got cream swayin the dope fiends around the cona
you?fucked my man? he got me onna
whole notha level, money grippas a gonna

chorus [black rob & cee-lo]

aiyyo, i seen how them niggas be lookin at us
actin like they wanna do somthin to us
cee-lo, black rob just cant be touched
ill negotiate the matter in gats he trust
in the club one night, war spittin at us
in the corner sippin drinks on some real hush hush
yeah, i seen how them niggas be lookin at us
aiyyo, i seen how them niggas be lookin at us

[black rob]
made them hoes approach duke on some "how ya doin shit"
small talk made em walk out, thinkin with his -silence- (sho man)
just like i thought, he about to get caught
they goin all out in the backseat suckin em off
cee-lo, stay close dogg, we aint tryin to lose em (alright)
only thing on my dome is what im gon do to em
he killed keith, i knew that playa since he was small
when he used to ball, and mess with polly down the hall
now he ghost, and this crab niggas to blame
gotta?fuck him? with his name, ima put in his brain
but slow down, hes pullin over, park right behind that nova
if duke wake up, put 36 in his rover, cut the motor
he tryin to draw attention to us
this aint the time baby boy, this is about to blow up
syncronize ya rol up, we got one minute to rock it
murders a hard job, but somebodies gotta stop it


just off the plane on a new york vacation ang
come on, lets get gone, nigga its on a gang
swervin in the rain, and workin the woodgrain
we did about two?????next lane?
now feel the pain
and if its affectin you it involves me in it
and its all great cause i get on a niggas ass in a minute
weve established innocence, this benz aint rigged
its easy, accelerate and make those twenties rotate
even the corner cowboy??? hennesy straight
satisfaction, in the midst of all the interaction
i sense tension, here
and some nigga over theres givin us his undivided attention
aiyyo rob yo, is that this nigga (who?)
is that this nigga that been round here fuckin withchoo?
want you want me to do?
who you want me to run over, and run through?
with my gun drew, and unleash my wrath upon you
we can battle, but nigga, but pay for the bad news is true
this nigga done did somethin that he cant undo
and anybody who came here with him deserves one too
is it true fuckin up my good clothes on you, scandalous hoes
i suppose these bullet holes make ya widow keep the casket closed
how you kids gonna get gay back to you, thats how it goes
cee-lo, black rob, goodie mob, bad boy, down south
up top it gon stop

chorus x2


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