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espacio ark sz

dangerous niggas
uhh black rob shit
yall dont know?
uhh uhh
danegerous niggas
lil kim and black rob yelowman
p diddy, the moment you all been waitin for
murder yeah, ha ha yeah

[black rob]
what yall riffin about, hang em like they did in the south
dead wit ya dick in ya mouth
now what this shit is about, niggas sleepin
like i wont slip in ya house, and put my dick in your spouse
till you get home, im amped like a part of ya couch
then sit on me, thats what ima spit filthy
pretty swiftly, til them coppers come and get me
tried to tell his coward ass its real
actin like i cant get through that slomen shield
im a veteran, ill take leathers and furs in front of him
safe cracker, moved from new york to jers
still sending?kites with birds?
nothins heard, feds wanna tap my word
take vehicles off curbs, tools off herbs, jewels off of all you nerds
you swerve, i splurge with all yall riches
comin to joke and blind all yall bitches
give respect where respect is due
keep frontin, and ima put the tech to you

chorus: lil kim and black rob
dame espacio
man back up off me
dame espacio
can i get a minute to breathe?
dame espacio
that means give me space
dame espacio
damn back up off me

[black rob]
like im just talking like i never did these things
snatch chains and rings, teddy bears from siblings
i did things some of yall cowards might not imagine
like run in the stores, gun drawn, spasm
press the button bitch im not havin
or itll your?super? employee leave in a bag and
black wagon, bait boy im not braggin
its a promise, ill take em to school like nastradamus
its my thing do what i do best
want the treasure chest, and that dough in your girl breasts
how dare you try to stash yours in your drawls
whats mines is mines, whats yours aint yours
get his whip, watch how quickly i paint yours
watch poppi and them, hit it up with the paintballs
coward niggas, got the gall, thinkin i wont lamp in the hall
like new years and drop the ball, bitches!


[lil kim]
where i come from, we all got guns
be a hundred of yall and we still wont run
call the cops, they still wont come
we bang on niggas like we playin the drums
these cats think they know me black
well i hit em over the head and say "homey dont play that"
listen to they rhymes and say didnt i say that?
damn, im the shit, its like ima nigga they be bitin my dick
get on some old school shit, bitch run your kicks
go on yall can have my flow
i extort yall hoes for all yall dough
and by now i think all yall know
whos the winner, still champ by t.k.o. what



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