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there she goes ark sz

i see that girl walking down the street
i see that girl coming up to me
i see that girl, now shes passing me by
i see that girl, coffee in her hand
i see that girl by the newspaper stand
i see that girl, shes my pie in the sky

she goes hand in hand with another man
i know someday she will be mine

there she goes, passing me by
there she goes, with another guy
there she goes, outta my life
there she goes

i see that girl getting on the bus
and i know my luck i cant trust
i see that girl, now shes passing me by
i see that girl, like to invite her out to dinner
and even though i would like to win her
if i tried to talk to her id die

she sees eye to eye with another guy
i cannot make her see
but i know someday she will be mine


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