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phoenix ark sz

so this is who i become
when you leave me to myself
a burned-up, hollow, angry, empty shell
an actor on a barren stage
an even-keel with unchanneled rage
sinking deeper into hell

bind me to you
pierce me straight through
consume me with your fire
ravage my heart
tear me clean apart
and still be my desire

as i descend it starts again

sliding down, spiraling
gasping on the breath of corruption
fighting undertow
holding on, realizing
my own hopeless helplessness
finally letting go

all is madness as the flames engulf me
refining fire making ashes of this life
burn, fire, burn
clean this holy temple
resore your holy name
in the onslaught of your love

and now, as gradual as the fall
the dawn of hope
the brilliant sun sending all the shadows fleeing
sweet daylight
a new man rising from the ashes
clothed in white, bearing a new name
i leave it all behind and take to flight


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