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gloria estefan, gloria estefan arklar, gloria estefan ark szleri
2.a toda maquina349
3.abriendo puertas opening doors326
4.along came you326
5.always tomorrow339
6.amor fatal439
7.amour infini360
8.anything for you336
9.aquel romance398
10.arbolito de navidad404
11.asi somos372
15.bad boy599
16.betcha say that339
17.body to body438
18.breaking up is hard to do323
19.cada dia412
20.cant forget you486
21.cant stay away from you463
22.cherchez la femme441
23.christmas auld lang syne357
24.christmas through your eyes356
25.close my eyes385
26.coming out of the dark399
27.como me duele perderte355
29.con los anos que me quedan381
31.corazon de fiesta388
32.corazon prohibido393
33.cuba libre346
34.cuba libre english version351
35.cuts both ways369
36.desde la oscuridad378
37.desde que te fuiste336
39.devulveme el amor645
41.do you want to dance519
42.dont let the sun catch you crying428
43.dont let the sun go down on me817
44.dont let this moment end510
45.dont look back on love568
46.dont release me486
47.dont release me wyclef jean remix486
48.dont stop587
49.dont stop now493
50.dont wanna lose you480
52.dulce amor sweet love363
54.esta cancin662
55.everlasting love373
56.eyes of innocence338
57.falling in love uh-oh370
58.farolito little star326
60.felicidad happyness368
61.get on your feet338
62.give it up364
63.go away361
64.goodnight my love356
65.hablemos de mi350
66.hablemos el mismo idioma364
67.has logrado olvidar292
68.have yourself a merry little christmas324
69.heart with your name on it329
70.heavens what i feel530
71.here we are326
73.hold me, thrill me, kiss me363
74.hombre enamorado321
75.hot summer nights365
76.how can i be sure368
77.i just wanna be happy472
78.i know you too well338
79.i need a man364
80.i need your love467
81.i see your smile403
82.i want you so bad356
83.if i could only find the words392
84.its too late517
85.ill be home for christmas484
86.im not giving you up455
87.juegos de amor361
88.keep on trying374
89.la parranda the big party336
90.la vida es315
91.lanca perfume609
92.language of love344
93.lejos de ti far from you383
94.let it loose565
95.let it snow, let it snow, let it snow309
96.life goes on327
97.light of love343
98.live again295
99.live for loving you351
100.los ojos del amor317
101.love me360
102.love on a two way street451
103.love toy405
105.lucky girl434
107.mama yo cant go734
108.mas alla beyond321
109.me enamor517
110.me voy364
111.mi buen amor393
112.mi tierra356
113.milagro miracle330
116.mucho money677
117.nayibss song i am here for you375
118.night bring me my lover412
119.no hay mal que por bien no venga358
120.no me vuelvo a enamorar305
121.no mirar528
122.no pretendo spanish version of "steal your heart"339
123.no sera facil368
124.no te olvidare300
125.nothin new479
126.nuestro romance se acabo457
127.nuevo dia new day322
128.ok english version319
129.ok spanish version370
131.orange express302
132.otra vez702
133.out of nowhere487
134.overture: silver bells37
135.oye english version397
136.oye mi canto hear my voice359
137.oye mi canto spanish version280
138.oye spanish version332
139.para decirte adios473
140.path of the right love332
141.pensando en ti398
142.primitive love392
143.prisoner of love374
144.que ca ne finisse jamais dont let this mom424
145.que ser345
146.que triste es volver a empezar335
147.quedemos como amigos322
149.quireme ms448
151.real woman397
152.regresa a mi304
153.remember me with love343
155.rhythm is gonna get you356
157.se tenho que te perder dont wanna l491
158.seal our fate333
159.sex in the s527
160.show me the way back to your heart310
161.si me contaras337
162.si senor453
163.si voy a perderte dont wanna l434
164.silent night639
165.silver bells344
167.steal your heart318
170.surrender paradise353
171.te quiero, te quiero314
172.tengo que decirte algo338
173.the christmas song338
174.the heart never learns370
175.think about you now337
176.this christmas331
177.toda pra voce here476
178.toda tuya339
179.touched by an angel331
182.tres deseos three wishes364
184.tu amor conmigo337
185.tu sabes quererme306
186.turn the beat around344
187.tus ojos453
188.un amor special310
189.usted abuso343
191.what goes around comes around361
192.when someone comes into your life371
193.white christmas345
194.without your love310
195.words get in the way338
197.yo tambien quiero bailar348
198.you made a fool of me332
199.your eyes look sad tonight309
200.your love is bad for me353
201.youll be mine party time440
202.youre all i have495
203.youve broken my heart444
204.youve made me so very happy554
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