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misconceptions ark sz

day after day after day
you live in your misconceptions
cuz our actions
dont speak as loud as our words
it hurts, my friend
can i help you understand?
can i please help you understand what i see?

its not bred out of fear
its sprung out of love
its what weve been in search of

now spring clear of all the lies
and sever all the ties
with tangled webs of futile thinking
now spring clear of all half-truths
cuz the burden of proof
doesnt rest on an institution

yeah i can see all the hurt
and the misery resulting from the fact
that christians are the biggest sinners of them all
but please dont fall
dont let all those who come in christs name fool you
dont you dare, dont you dare

its not bred out of pride
a trophy on the shelf
i cant save you
i cant even save myself

if weve been on our knees
but our eyes have been closed
to all the pain and suffering
i cry out, "god forgive us!"


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