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jock rock ark sz

i would like to call myself gifted
but for me they use a completely different word
bright, intelligent, studious, or learned?
oh no! they call me nerd

in vain i wish i could make fun of their white hats
bullroar! i know, that would be absurd
so im just stuck with getting shoved in lockers
oh no! here they come after the nerd

oh i wish i were a jock
cuz then id get all the girls
oh i wish i were a jock
cuz then id be the king of the world

getting stomped on leaves quite an impression
i always leave shaken, feeling like a tird
in my periforal vision a troop of bouncing white hats
oh no! here they come after the nerd

now limping down the hall past all the girls
i hear them snickering, but to me not a word
i see them giggling and pointing at me
cuz im the nerd


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