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in my dreams ark sz

tonight i cant sleep
because of all the thoughts i keep
running around inside my brain
sweet memories come back
yeah thoughts of you attack my head
making me go so insane

in my dreams you are there
in my dreams we are a pair
why did it have to turn out this way?
in my thoughts you are there
and in my every thought you care
the look of love in your eyes
ill stay

remembering you
and all the little things you do
so i look away and i fake a smile
waiting for a sign
wishing i could drop a line
im missing you, its been a while

a brand new page, a whole clean slate
its too bad its without you
and the smile that i wore is gone
you shut the door
a friend, but ill always want more
ill always want more

so i just hope
yeah i hope the world is treating you fine
and i hope your memories are sweet as mine
goodbyes are hard


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