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ginuwine, ginuwine arklar, ginuwine ark szleri
1. way422
2. what401
3.all night all day778
5.do you remember401
6.final warning397
7.friendly skies375
8.g thang506
9.ginuwine ur mind375
12.how deep is your love379
13.how would u like it338
14.i know411
15.it wasnt me556
16.ill do anything/ im sorry539
17.im crying out563
18.im feelin you580
19.just because375
20.keep it real361
21.little kidz496
22.little mans bangin lude561
23.lonely daze347
24.my whole life374
25.no fan386
26.none of you friends business391
27.only when ur lonely327
28.open arms403
29.open arms566
31.pony remix393
32.role play419
33.same ol g494
34.shes out of my life556
35.show after the show361
36.simply irristible378
37.so anxious384
38.so fine435
40.super human397
42.tell me do you wanna489
43.thats how i get down593
44.the best man i can be329
45.there it is359
46.toe toe384
47.tribute to a woman431
48.two reasons i cry370
49.two sides to a story322
50.wait a minute366
51.whats so different482
52.when doves cry325
53.why did you go419
54.world is so cold386
55.you owe me332
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