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gino vannelli, gino vannelli arklar, gino vannelli ark szleri
1.a little bit of judas399
2.a new fix for 552
3.a pauper in paradise518
4.a pauper in paradise st movement424
5.a song and dance404
6.a woman crossed in love360
7.after the last battle422
8.alive by science374
10.black and blue381
11.black cars432
12.bound to cry322
13.brother to brother384
15.come to the well387
16.constantly constantine515
17.crazy life493
18.cry baby359
19.cry of love356
20.down with love345
21.down with love in album slow love337
22.fallen in love354
23.father and son365
24.feel like flying359
26.fling of mine379
27.fly into this night416
28.gettin high792
29.granny goodbye431
30.great lake canoe363
31.here she comes398
32.hollywood holiday395
33.how much956
34.hurts to be in love371
35.i believe401
36.i die a little more each day362
37.i just wanna stop367
38.if i should lose this love370
40.in the name of money358
41.inconsolable man368
42.its over565
43.jack miraculous489
44.jehovah and all that jazz340
45.jo jo817
46.just a motion away349
47.keep on walking861
48.king for a day495
50.living inside myself343
51.lost and found330
52.love and emotion409
53.love is a night306
54.love me now422
55.love of my life422
56.mama coco1053
57.mardi gras457
58.moment to moment354
59.moon over madness344
60.my oh my its a miracle509
61.nd movement469
63.none so beautiful361
64.omens of love423
65.one night with you443
66.one woman lover374
67.people gotta move367
68.people i belong to334
69.persona non grata374
70.piano song708
71.poor happy jimmy314
72.powerful people336
73.prelude to the war465
74.put the weight on my shoulders400
75.rd movement416
76.rhythm of romance421
77.sally she says the sweetest things342
78.santa rosa414
79.seek and you will find366
81.shape me like a man452
82.slow love372
83.something tells me339
84.son of a new york gun414
85.stay with me361
86.storm at sunup474
87.summers of my life343
88.sunset on la356
89.th movement410
90.the battle cry495
91.the evil eye384
92.the jokers wild558
93.the other man342
94.the river must flow417
95.the surest things can change402
96.the time of day340
97.the work verse341
98.theres no time732
99.tierras de amores y sombras352
100.tierras de amores y sombras not english lyric339
101.time out397
102.to the war366
103.to the war reflection508
104.total stranger318
105.ugly man463
106.unbearably blue492
107.valleys of valhalla474
108.walter whitman where are you318
109.wheels of life366
110.where am i going384
111.wild horses344
112.words can kill423
113.you owe it to yourself334
114.young lover811
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