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gin blossoms, gin blossoms arklar, gin blossoms ark szleri
2. women ago398
3.allison road391
4.angels tonight525
5.as long as it matters402
6.barley breathing434
7.brackish water496
8.cajun song422
10.christine irene424
11.christine sixteen403
12.competition smile324
13.day job333
14.dream with you397
16.follow you down429
17.folsom prison blues354
18.found out about you377
19.girls cant wait574
20.hands are tied359
21.heart away387
22.hey jealousy387
24.hold me down382
25.i can sleep445
26.i cant figure you out556
27.idiot summer395
28.its not too much / well be everywhere563
29.im still wondering where those bastards are435
30.just south of nowhere402
31.keli richards610
32.lost horizons408
33.memphis time488
34.mrs rita361
35.my car375
36.not only numb342
37.nothing at all333
38.perfectly still389
39.pieces of the night342
40.seeing stars403
41.seventh inning stretch325
42.slave dealers daughter589
43.something wrong389
44.soul deep389
45.til i hear it from you370
46.until i fall away335
48.wasting my time / ill find out what there is534
51.you cost me too much353
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