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get up kids, get up kids arklar, get up kids ark szleri
1.a new found interest in massachusetts396
2.action & action365
3.alec eiffel522
4.all that i know383
5.anne arbour508
6.better half434
7.burned bridges429
8.campfire kansas398
9.central standard time386
10.close to home432
11.close to me400
12.coming clean390
13.dont hate me551
14.fall from grace373
15.fall semester387
16.forgive and forget385
17.grunge pig439
18.hannah hold on362
19.high as the moon362
21.impossible outcomes403
22.ill catch you600
23.im a loner dottie, a rebel523
24.last place you look348
25.let the reigns go loose389
26.long goodnight381
27.lowercase west thomas529
28.mass pike560
29.michelle with one l532
30.my apology381
31.newfound mass387
32.no love381
33.off the wagon405
34.on with the show407
35.one year later370
36.out of reach401
38.red letter day380
40.second place400
42.stay gold, ponyboy368
43.stay gone416
44.suffragette city341
45.ten minutes401
46.the breathing method570
47.the company dime358
48.the worst idea417
49.up on the roof371
51.walking on a wire386
52.washington square park404
53.wish you were here376
54.wish you where here396
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