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till ark sz

weve been together
for quite sometime now
and you still shine in my eyes

i searched all my life
cause in my heart i knew
id find someone like you

and if i could live (cause if i could live)
my life all over again
it would still be with you
no one else
can offer you a heart so true
no one else
can love you like i do

till the sun fails to shine
till the clock runs out of time
i will still be in love with you
till the moon and the stars
fail to brighten up the night
ill still be inlove with you

la, la, la (till all the seas run dry)
la, la, la (till flowers touch the sky)

i can see my tomorrows
in the palm of your hand
theres only you and i

well hold forever
and know we will never
lose the love that we have

(repeat refrain, chorus and bridge 2x)

.....ill still be loving you

(repeat chorus 3x)


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