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gerald levert, gerald levert arklar, gerald levert ark szleri
1.answering service347
2.application im lookin a new love416
3.baby hold on to me342
4.baby u are395
5.breaking my heart372
6.callin me415
7.can you handle it352
8.cant help myself548
9.definition of a man363
10.dont take it away519
11.groove on430
12.have mercy424
13.heart dont483
14.how many times375
15.hugs & kisses389
16.humble me641
17.hurting for you335
18.i wanna be bad369
19.it hurts too much to say377
20.its your turn619
21.id give anything647
22.just a little something364
23.just because im wrong597
24.let the juices flow400
25.love street390
26.made to love ya397
27.men like us353
28.mr too damn good394
29.nice and wet382
30.no im not the blame495
31.no mans land519
32.no sense409
33.nothin to somethin341
34.point the finger420
35.private line369
36.private line radio club remix388
37.rock me all nite long414
38.same place, same time375
39.school me430
40.second time around351
41.she done been341
42.shootin the breeze458
44.strings, strings351
45.taking everything416
46.thats the way i feel about you532
48.thinkin bout it513
49.what about me379
50.you oughta be with me337
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