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georgia satellites, georgia satellites arklar, georgia satellites ark szleri
1.all over but the cryin544
2.almost saturday night/rockin all over the world443
3.anna lee545
4.another chance374
5.baby so fine319
6.battleship chains384
7.bottle o tears522
8.bring down the hammer340
9.cant stand the pain504
10.cool inside381
12.dan takes five372
13.days gone by368
14.deep in the heart of dixie433
15.dont pass me by525
16.down and down423
17.dunk n dine549
18.every picture tells a story326
19.games people play343
20.golden light433
21.hand to mouth344
22.hard luck boy409
23.hippy hippy shake1675
24.i dunno454
25.keep your hands to yourself369
26.let it rock bye bye johnny342
27.mon cherie393
28.my baby408
29.my fault674
30.nights of mystery363
31.open all night359
32.over and over539
33.railroad steel340
35.red light420
36.running out412
37.saddle up359
38.shake that thing378
39.shaken not stirred517
40.she fades away358
42.six years gone328
44.stellazine blues371
45.sweet blue midnight364
46.tell my fortune356
47.the myth of love441
48.the race is on314
49.whole lotta shakin339
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