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true strengths ark sz

the pain creeps in every day,
and youre trying your best not to feel this way,
some days up and some days down,
swimming in misery, youre starting to drown
looking for answers to impossible questions,
searching in your mind in new dimensions,
feeling so alone and youve been thinking,
"im better off dead than alone here, sinking!"
searching for the light and looking inside,
to find out where your true strengths hide.
going on and on this pain has got to cease,
living like an animal full of disease,
further inspection now youre looking inside,
to find out where your true strengths hide,
youre looking around for some higher power,
to get you through this darkest hour,
all those years of pain are now coming through,
those cracks in your mind are nothing new to you.
youre starting to slip to a whole new level,
the metal of a gun pressed against your temple,
one in the chamber, maybe one in your head,
you can pull the trigger, and your mindll turn red,
what about the things that you never did?
getting straight, get a life, maybe having kids?
is a moments pleasure really worth the cost,
of looking back on your life and all the things you lost?
dont know my future, with my past behind,
im now reborn new hopes to find,
free from restraints that held me down,
the cycle of hate that comes around.


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